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Mend ties with your family & grow stronger My husband spent 60 days with the wonderful Beachway Therapy Center Staff. I am forever grateful to everyone there. They always took the time to answer my questions. His therapist Meryl took time ever week to call me. She not only helped Travis, but she changed my […]

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Recover + develop new life skills The staff at Beachway has been through what I am experiencing and can relate to how I’m feeling about my addiction and my personal issues. I was able to develop a healthy relationship with my therapist and they gave me good feedback and guidance. The group therapy and one […]

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“1000 miles away, I found new hope” I was trudging down the road of life destroying everything in my path when I came to a fork in the road which required me to make a decision. The decision was either to get help or die and as easy of a choice as it may seem, […]

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My life just keeps getting better… Before I went to Beachway I had lost my job, the respect of my friends and family. Now I am working again and taking 2 classes at night. I have some amazing new friends in my life and my family is back in my life. I have been home […]

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Worried about a loved one? You’re not alone For the last 30 days, my daughter has been a patient at Beachway. I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for everything you have done for my Daughter. I feel truly grateful for places such as yours, that care about the recovery […]

A very grateful parent Read More Stories of Hope

“You rescued my daughter!” I cannot thank you enough for being there for my daughter on Father’s Day 2010! For some reason when she went to Florida in January she was not ready to surrender to her addictions. I do not know how she found you that day, everything has just rolled in together for […]

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“The staff made me feel so welcome” Beachway Therapy Center and its staff were excellent!!! I felt welcomed and relieved from the moment I arrived. I spent three short months at Beachway. I completed all three phases at Beachway. After six months on my own I am still sober, happy and moving forward with my […]

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If your loved one’s life has completely fallen apart My life was in shambles. I had been drinking and doing drugs in the MD/DC area for several years from early teens to late twenties. I had been to other treatment facilities before with no success. At age 29 I decided that I would try it […]

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Beachway Therapy Center

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Helpline phone 1 (877) 284-0353

Substance Abuse & Alcohol Rehab Services That Work!

Safe. Therapeutic. Affordable. Located in South Florida, Beachway Rehabilitation Center is a private substance abuse treatment facility that offers individualized addiction treatment for men and women. Out holistic approach to recovery incorporates the mind, body and spirit through a variety of programs that focus on learning or regaining the life skills that promote long-term recovery.

If you are addicted…

Do any of these ring true for you?

“My will wasn’t strong enough to fight the grip of my addiction”

“At some point, I stopped enjoying being sober”

“My life was just sickness, self-loathing and repated flame-outs”

We have successfully treated 1000′s of people who once felt hopeless, desperate and lost.

We can check your insurance and book your stay within one hour.

If your loved one is addicted…

There is no cookie-cutter picture of an addict, but one thing is always true; addiction affects the entire family in a very damaging and far-reaching way.

If a substance has taken your loved one away from you, our comprehensive treatment programs delivered by top-rated teams may be the solution.

We are experienced with interventions and can offer chaperones.

1 (800) 210-6372

Toll free. Privacy Guaranteed. No committment.

Get individualized treatment whether you have dual diagnosis, are court ordered, have tried treatment before or have unique needs, like LGBT individuals.

Services That Take Your Recovery to Heart –
And Go Well Beyond Group Therapy Sessions

Bring your whole self to Beachway. Bring the problems that are weighing on your spirit. Bring the physical aches and pains. Bring your worries about the future and the nagging shadows of your past.

Leave nothing behind – bring everything you’ve got – and we’ll create a treatment plan that addresses it all, with services that include:

  • Individual, one-on-one therapy
  • Educational services
  • Gender-specific services
  • Partial hospitalization care
  • Faith-based treatment options
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Treatment Services for the Body, Mind and Soul

  • Physical Health & Well-being
  • Chiropractic services
  • Holistic treatment
  • Diet & nutrition services
  • Fitness
  • Mental Health & Well-being
  • Psychiatric services
  • Partial hospitalization care
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment

Toll free. Privacy guaranteed. No commitment.

Extensive family support included. Stay from 30 days to 6 months.
We are experienced with interventions and offer medical detox.

Expect a Full-Service, Safe and Private Recovery Experience

Expect this of yourself: to be willing to engage in treatment and move toward a healthier lifestyle. Expect this of us: to do all that we can to help you reach your recovery goals. Call 1 (877) 284-0353 to get started.

Start with Medical Detox

The first step in recovery is always medical detoxification. Complete detox is required for those in need and then you join us at Beachway.

What is detox? Do I need it?

Move to Rehabilitation Treatment

Begin your recovery at Beachway in the company of 23 other guests, one of whom will be selected as your roommate. Meet your personal therapist, and begin settling in.

What do the rooms look like?

Engage Fully in Treatment

Group sessions. One-on-one therapy. Education. Family counselling. Emotional discoveries. They’re all key to the first 30 to 90 days you spend at Beachway.

What treatments do you offer?

Commit to Aftercare

When it’s time to leave, your therapist will walk you through an aftercare plan to prevent relapse. This could include outpatient treatment, 12-step meetings or weekly check-ins.

Who works at Beachway?

Call now: 1 (800) 210-6372

Toll free. Privacy guaranteed. No commitment
We can check your insurance and book your stay within 1 hour.

  • Boutique-style, personalized treatment
  • Family-centered approach
  • Professional DCF-licensed staff
  • Compassionate, 1-on-1 care

You will become a member of the healthy family at Beachway.
And we’ll work with your family to give you the support you need.

Rehab & Detox FAQs: What Should You Expect?

What does withdrawal feel like?

Not everyone goes through withdrawal. If you do, you may experience fatigue, clammy skin, agitation, headaches, or other effects, all of which will be monitored by a physician. Remember: In detox at Beachway, you’re never alone or in undue pain.

Do I really need rehab? I’m not that bad off.

One of the first things new Beachway clients do is try to talk themselves out of rehab. You may compare yourself to other addicts and think that you’re not so bad after all. But be careful. Denial and fear may be trying to get the best of you.

Here’s a fact: If you think you need rehab, you do. Please, don’t talk yourself out of this incredibly healthy opportunity.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Yes, we have designated areas for smoking cigarettes.

How long will I be at Beachway?

We recommend at least 30 days of treatment, but the reality is that, the longer you commit to the rehabilitation process, the more likely you are to fully recover.

Expect to stay for 30 days. Plan to stay for 90 and to follow up with additional phases of treatment. Depending on the substance you’re overcoming, you may need a treatment ‘maintenance’ period.

Of course, you are free to leave at any time. Even if your stay is court-ordered, only you can keep you in treatment.

Is this a posh retreat or one of those wilderness camps?

Neither. We want your recovery to stick through the good and bad, and that’s why we’ve created a realistic recovery environment – not a luxury vacation setting or a harsh outback.

That said, our lush South Florida setting and our personal, 1-on-1 approach will provide the peace and perspective you need right now.

Get more answers to FAQs >>

Call now: 1 (800) 210-6372

Toll free. Privacy guaranteed. No commitment
We can check your insurance and book your stay within 1 hour.

A 90-Day Stay Can Rresult in Ongoing Sobreity For You

I was surprised with the treatment methods at Beachway. The housing and therapeutic programs are far from medical based. I always felt comfortable and welcome. The Staff was eager to help and had the experience I was really needing.

- Jack P., New Jersey

Recover Safely in a Warm, Inviting
Rehabilitation Space – Not a Cold “Facility”

Receive the ultimate in individual attention and privacy in Beachway’s tranquil, resort-like atmosphere, where men and women of all ages – from teenagers to seniors – will feel safe and comfortable.
At Beachway, you’ll quickly find that what sets us apart is our attentive staff, our affordable rates and the extra measures we take to ensure your recovery. Check out our 9 critical differences below.

Toll free. Privacy guaranteed. No commitment.
We can check your insurance and book your stay within 1 hour.

Get individualized treatment wether you have are dual diagnosis, are court-reffered, have tried treatment before or have unique needs, like LGBT individualst.

9 Critical Differences That Set Beachway
Rehabilitation Center Apart

Affordable Treatment

Only Beachway is high-quality and reasonably priced. You’ll always get affordable recovery services for drug or alcohol dependence and dual diagnosis.

Specialized Treatment Plans

Alcoholism & addiction are the same disease – but the people they afflict differ. You have a unique history and future. So you need a unique recovery plan.

Chaperones Available

Everyone who travels from outside the area is met at the airport on arrival. And if you need a chaperon for your travels, we can offer one for a modest fee.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Beachway accepts most major insurance plans. If you don’t have coverage or if you need to pay a deductible, you can even opt for a low monthly payment plan.

Achievable “Life Plans”

Because life skills are key to sustainable recovery, you’ll be coached on “succeeding in life.” This includes a plan of action for employment and/or education.

30- or 180-Day Stays

Every Beachway stay is at least 30 days. We encourage 90-day treatment in a three-phase approach, and we offer programs up to 6 months in length.

Just 6-8 Clients Per Therapist

Other rehabs load their therapists with 12+ clients each, putting all the focus on group sessions. At Beachway, our therapist-to-client ratio is 8:1 or less.

3 Phases of Care

In addition to transitional housing, we offer 3 phases of care designed to help you transition to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Because sobriety is a lifelong journey!

Extensive Family Support

Families are encouraged to participate in counseling. Family weekends are offered to all guests. And, if distance is a factor, video conferencing is available.

Call now: 1 (800) 210-6372

Toll free. Privacy guaranteed. No commitment
We are experienced with interventions and offer medical detox.

Effective Rehabilitation, Even If You’ve Tried Rehab Before

I attended Beachway in March of last year. This was the 3rd rehab and I figured it was going to be much of the same. Over a year later I am still using the plan they gave me and I am happy to say that I have been clean and sober for the first time in a long time

- Jim, New York

Helpline phone 1 (877) 284-0353