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Beachway’s Addiction Professionals


Meet Our Staff

Beachway Therapy Center has a vast wealth of knowledge and many centuries worth of recovery time. Meet some of our staff.

Denis Holmes

Denis Holmes


Denis’ motto is “help the suffering alcoholic and addict” going the extra mile to lead them on their journey to sober living. Denis brings to Beachway Therapy Center a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding in addressing client’s needs after they leave treatment. He has been involved in multiple aspects of aftercare for clients and has his hands directly on the pulse of sober living in Delray Beach Florida. There are no limits that Denis will take to assist clients while personally exhibiting years of credibility within the local community and when others speak of him it is always with a kind word relating to how he cares about the suffering alcoholic and addict.


Pamela Egan


Pamela Egan is originally from Delaware County Pennsylvania. She has over 10 years of experience in managing and creating companies.

Pamela has a Bachelor of Science from Lynn University located in Boca Raton, Florida. Her path has been similar to many of our clients, and because of this she is passionate and professional about creating a small comfortable “home-like” environment for our clients to recover in.


Olivia Holmes

CFO BA Psychology

Olivia Holmes is the Chief Financial Officer. She is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Olivia has extensive experience with employee relations and is the CFO. Olivia provides a positive and personable environment for clients as well as employees.


Dr. Barnell Phillips III, M.D.

Medical Director – Neuropsychiatry Specialist

Dr. Phillips is a board certified psychiatrist dedicated to the evidence-based treatment of psychiatric and substance use disorders. Originally from Miami, FL, he began his medical career at Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University in Dayton, OH. He completed his internship and general psychiatry residency in 2005 at the combined training program of the University of Maryland Medical System and Sheppard Pratt Hospital System in Baltimore, MD. He remained at the same site and subsequently completed child and adolescent fellowship training in 2007. Dr. Phillips has used a simple maxim, passed on by an early training supervisor, as a guiding principle of his practice, “In psychiatry, quality matters most.”

Dr. Phillips is comfortable assessing patients from diverse settings and has had prior experience in numerous capacities including as a consultant to two general hospital systems, a college mental health center, and the United States Air Force. He has experience treating co-occurring disorders in active duty military personnel, students and professionals.


LCSW – Clinical Director

Jennifer Saad, LCSW – Clinical Director, specializes in addiction interaction, co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, body image, mental health and trauma. She has worked extensively providing individual, family, and group therapy in the addiction treatment field. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Coastal Carolina University, Jen received her MSW in clinical social work from Florida Atlantic University and subsequently worked at a nationally renowned treatment center in South Florida, where she provided individual and group therapy to a diverse patient population suffering from substance abuse disorders, personality disorders and mood disorders and worked closely with patients’ families. Jen is well versed in the unique challenges faced by individuals in early recovery and believes that successful treatment of patients struggling with addiction requires a multi-faceted clinical approach that incorporates treatment of the individual and the family and an emphasis on an individual’s participation in a 12 step program.

carrie carlton

Lead Therapist / Primary Therapist

Carrie is a clinical social worker who obtained a master’s degree from Barry University in Miami Florida.

Her undergraduate degree is in social work from Florida Atlantic University. She has extensive knowledge in working with addicted populations and their families, as well as a knowledge base in medical social work. Carrie believes that rapport, empathy, honesty, compassion, consistency, and a desire to serve others are necessary requirements in treating clients and their families. Carrie is presently a registered intern in the state of Florida, and is working on obtaining her licensure. Carrie utilizes a variety of techniques and modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, and solution focused therapy. Carrie understands the impact addiction can have on a person and their family, and assists the client and their families understand the chronic nature of the problem.


Elizabeth Ossip

MSW, LCSW – Primary Therapist

Ms. Ossip is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Qualified Supervisor in Florida and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. She also is a breath-work coach, with over twenty years of breath-work experience. Elizabeth received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and spent many years as a designer, consultant and art teacher.

Her interest in social work grew out of a desire to serve others, her own personal growth and a fascination with art therapy, breath-work and other experiential therapies. Prior to joining Beachway Therapy Center, Elizabeth worked extensively as a psychotherapist in the field of mental health and addictions in her own private practice, PBC Therapy, in Delray Beach and for one of Palm Beach County’s largest community mental health agencies. Elizabeth, a life-long equestrian, also facilitates EAGALA Equine Assisted Therapy for children and adults and her experience as a behavioral therapist with children and families has given her a first hand, in-depth knowledge of working with trauma, family systems and mental health issues in adults, children and adolescents.

Elizabeth brings an extensive knowledge of the treatment of alcoholism, addictions, codependency, trauma, crisis intervention, life transitions and healing and wellness, as well as more than 30 years of personal 12 Step Programs practice to our clients.


Brian Esposito

CAC – Certified Addiction Counselor

Brian has been working at Beachway/Grapevine for over three years. Brian has had numerous positions at our facilities. He began as behavioral health technician and was promoted to supervisor of the behavioral health technician based on his commitment, understanding and dedication to the substance abuser. Brian has been promoted to a therapist position and is currently furthering his education in both addiction studies and social work. Brian brings with him knowledge of 12 step programs as well as his personal compassion and commitment in helping all recover from addiction. Brian has experience and knowledge in cognitive behavioral therapy, group dynamics, family counseling as well as relapse prevention. Brian is intelligent, articulate and self motivated member of our team.

brian mcswain

Brian McSwain

MHC – Primary Therapist

Brian is a Mental Health Counselor who obtained his master’s degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University. His bachelor’s degree is in broadcast journalism from Belhaven University. After some time working in the communications field he decided to focus his attention towards his desire to work with alcoholics and addicts seeking refuge from their addictions.

Brian has extensive knowledge of the 12 step recovery process and addiction’s impact on the family unit. He also possesses a working knowledge of cognitive behavioral therapy and a sharp clinical eye for mental health issues.

He has been working in the addictions field for years and has a deep compassion and understanding of the addicted person’s needs. Brian believes that accountability, action, and self awareness coupled with a solid foundation in the 12 step recovery process are essential to achieving long term sobriety.

aimee jones

Aimee Jones

MSW – Primary Therapist

Aimee is clinical social worker who specializes in addiction. After earning her bachelors degree in Communications from Oakland University, Aimee received her Master’s in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. Aimee has a passion for helping individuals and families recover from addiction. Aimee operates from the belief there is hope and new way of life for anyone who suffers from addiction. She has knowledge and experience in working with the addiction population, co-occurring disorders, personality disorders, and mental health.

Aimee uses an integrated approach of a variety of therapeutic methodologies including cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and behavior therapy while utilizing 12-step principles in treatment of addiction. Aimee is currently pursuing her clinical licensure, and CAP in the state of Florida. She is a life long member of Phi-Alpha National Social Work Honor Society and a member of National Association of Social Workers and National Alliance on Mental Illness.


Jerry Nolan

MS, CAP Intern – Primary Therapist

Jerry was born and raised in Southeastern Connecticut and completed his undergraduate degree at Eastern Connecticut State University and his graduate degree in at Southern Connecticut State University. He played four years of baseball in college. He is a national certified personal trainer by, NASN. He has also been a baseball coach at the high school level. Jerry also provided individual personal instruction for high school and collegiate level baseball pitchers. Jerry’s clinical philosophy begins with the foundation of a 12-step program. He is proficient at meeting a client where they are at both emotionally and cognitively and he excels at propelling them to a sober and productive recovery.


Mike Ferri

Director of “Healing Through The Arts” Program at Beachway – Psychodrama Facilitator

Michael is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC and has worked in theatre, film and television since the 70’s. He has taught drama & improvisation workshops in Europe and the United States for nearly 20 years. He lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for ten years where he first incorporated creative experiential therapies in his drama and art workshops. He is also a self-taught visual artist with exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe. Michael believes each of us is born with an attribute from our Creator enabling us to create and that the creative process is the catalyst through which an individual, when given the opportunity, unites with his/her “true self”.


Matt Piecora

Intake Coordinator/ Music Counselor

Matthew is a musician originally from Seattle, Washington. Matthew has several years of experience working in the addictions treatment, and is currently pursuing his CAC. His focus is on expression through the arts, and being in recovery himself; a strong 12 step program.

Matthew runs our music program which includes songwriting, team building workshops, and performance. His passion to play music only rivals his passion to help others. He is also our intake-coordinator and performs the bio-psycho-social assessment.


Deborah Purcell

Associate Director of Admissions, CAC Intern

Debby is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She attended Central Pennsylvania College and is currently pursuing her CAC. Debby is in recovery and is an alumni of Beachway Therapy Center.


Lisa Marchiano

Admissions Coordinator

Lisa is originally from the tri-state area. She began working at Beachway in January 2013 as a Behavioral Health Technician. Lisa is in recovery and plans to continue to pursue her education in psychology and social work.


Nicole Heller

Alumni Coordinator

Nicole Heller is originally from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a bachelors degree in Marketing Communication. She is an alumni of Beachway Therapy Center, which fuels her passion for helping others succeed in their recovery just as Beachway helped her succeed in her own recovery.


Rima Treynker

Admissions Manager 

Rima has been a part of the Beachway/Grapevine family for the past four years. Her dedication to the facility has been recognized and appreciated not only by Beachway, but by the numerous clients she has helped along the way. Her main priority is to be of maximum service to the alcoholic or addict beginning their journey into recovery, as well as, focusing on the family members that have been affected. She is a true believer in the 12-step model of recovery and believes with the proper care and guidance anyone can get clean and sober.