Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab

Drug overdoses (not including alcohol) trail only motor vehicle crash deaths as the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths in the United States.  Rates are currently 4 to 5 times higher than they were during the “black tar” heroin epidemic of the mid 1970s and more than twice as high as they were in the early 1990s, during the peak years of  the “crack” cocaine disaster. Studies have been conducted by the INCB which have determined that it is prescription drug overdoses which are the major source of this dramatic increase. The need for professional help for treating addiction, based upon these statistics, is urgent and more important than ever.

Treatment For Prescription Drug Addiction

A common obstacle for those attempting to discontinue the use or abuse of prescription drugs is the withdrawal symptoms the individual experiences without the drug in their system.  The amount and the frequency with which the drugs are being used typically determines the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.  Severity can range from common cold-like symptoms to life threatening withdrawal.  Beachway Therapy Center offers a professional detoxification program to help, and safely monitor, the withdrawal symptoms experienced by the individual.  Once detoxed, the individual should strongly consider direct entry into a treatment program. Beachway Therapy Center offers a residential (inpatient) as well as an outpatient program to ensure the individual is properly directed on the road to recovery. Due to the life threatening nature of addiction to prescription drugs, well guided first steps provided by a treatment center such as Beachway are indispensable.

Both residential and outpatient treatment programs at Beachway offer counseling and therapy, medical testing, exercise and recreation, continued post therapy, to name a few, to the individual.  The residential setting is that of a dorm/apartment situation while the outpatient program allows the individual to return home, or to one of our Sober Living Facilities, daily.

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"I was surprised with the treatment methods at Beachway. The housing and therapeutic programs are far from medical based. I always felt comfortable and welcome." -Jon P., Baltimore

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