Mushrooms Addiction

Individuals who take mushrooms enjoy its hallucinogenic effect. There are a variety of mushrooms types that differs in potency. Some street names for mushrooms are: liberties, magics, mushies, liberty cap, caps, psilcybe semilanceata, psilcybin, shrooms, amani agaric, and fly agaric. Mushrooms can either be cooked and eaten, or stewed into a tea to drink. There are many dangers of taking mushrooms. In order to stop taking mushrooms people generally seek mushroom rehab centers.

Dangers of Taking Hallucinogens

When a user takes mushrooms it is possible they experience a “bad trip.” In this state they may be overwhelmed with feelings of paranoia and loss of self control. Their behaviors become erratic and uncontrollable in which the individual may experience death.

Those possessing, selling or using mushrooms can suffer major repercussions with the law. The Drugs Act of 2005 prohibits the use and possession to mushrooms. Possession of mushrooms can lead to seven years in jail and major fines. It is considered as a Class A drug. This means that it is illegal to import, export, produce, supply, or posses mushrooms.

Mushrooms Addiction Rehab

Those who are addicted to using mushrooms often seek the help of a mushroom addiction rehab center. This facility will assist in the individual overcoming their addiction to mushrooms and maintain a life of sobriety. The first step is to go through mushroom detox. This is when the individual stops using mushrooms to allow the body to rid itself of the harmful toxins created from mushroom use. After mushroom detox, the individual will undergo individual and group therapy sessions with a trained therapist specialized in the field of substance abuse.

Therapy sessions help to discover underlying issues of the addict that may have triggered them to use mushrooms, and then provide healthy solutions to those issues. After going through treatment, the addict can receive after care services to help them transition back into their lives and to help them with outside stress that can potentially cause them to relapse.

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