As the addict or alcoholic makes the decision to attempt to recover, he or she will invariably encounter different obstacles.  One common challenge in early recovery is how to overcome loneliness.
Considering encompassing nature of addiction, associating with mainly other addicts and hours spent in isolation, loneliness is bound to be a bi-product of the need to alter these behaviors.  The newly clean addict may feel as though he has no friends left and family relationships may be strained due to the nature of active addiction.  These feelings are very common and typically felt by all in early recovery.
Entering a rehab facility with others in early recovery is a good way to battle loneliness.  The awareness that you are not alone and others feel the way you do can be of great help.  Rehabs often provide a full schedule for the recovering addict, which helps eliminate time for isolating.
The individual is sure to be taught new coping skills at rehabs which will help deal with the issue of loneliness.  Over time, the recovering addict will become better at tolerating these uncomfortable emotions and begin viewing them as temporary.  As recovery begins to take hold, the addict is sure to make new friends, enlist the aid of a sponsor and begin to surround himself with healthy, sober people.

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