Millions of Americans suffer from drug addiction. Many have tried to quit unsuccessfully, maybe because they did so cold turkey or did not have the right rehab center to assist them through their recovery. Other have just not gotten to the point where they are ready for sobriety until now. Looking for a drug rehab in Orlando, Florida can lead you to Beachway Therapy Center.

A drug rehab that offers more

Beachway Therapy Center offers their clients more. Each client staying in an apartment style living area where they are allowed to keep their independence through shopping for their own food and supplies, cooking for themselves and cleaning their living area. Beachway offers a comfortable environment for any length of stay. With 30 days to 6 month programs Beachway is able to successfully treat numerous clients addictions.

At Beachway Therapy Center clients are looked at as individuals. When entering into the facility each client goes through an assessment process to help the Doctors and staff determine the severity of the clients addiction as well as set up an individualized treatment plan. Beachway offers a wide variety of treatment services to their clients, with individual needs it is important to offer all areas of services to ensure the patients success at sobriety.

Aspects of Beachway Therapy Center

  1. Detox
  2. Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  3. Holistic Treatment
  4. Behavioral modification therapy
  5. Individual therapy
  6. Group counseling
  7. Family Counseling and Education
  8. Psychiatric Services
  9. Chiropractic Services
  10. Art and Music Therapy
  11. Faith Based Treatment
  12. Gender Specific Services
  13. Partial Hospitalization  Care
  14. EMDR & Hypnotherapy
  15. Chemical Dependency Education

Its time for help

If you are ready to take the first step towards recovery and admit you have a problem then contact Beachway Therapy Center, a drug rehab in the Orlando Florida area. There you will receive the care and treatment needed to successfully recover from drug addiction and live a life of sobriety.