Detox Center in Orlando is the first stop on the road to recovery. Most fighting addiction need to make a start in Detox to get physically clean from drugs and/or alcohol before they enter into the next step of the recovery process to work through the mental and emotional aspects of their addiction. The Detox process can be scary for most addicts, many can not make it through without the assistance of an Detox Center.

What is a Detox Center?

A Detox Center in the a facility that many addicts enter into to work through the physical aspects of their addiction. Typically Detox Centers are in hospital settings however other treatment facilities offer Detox Center Services within their own facility that is in more of a ‘real living’ atmosphere. Detox Centers are staffed 24-7 with Doctors, therapist and other chemical dependency specialists that are there to assist the client in any of their needs, helping to support them through the detox process. Supportive care from Doctors and staff help the client through the physical aspects of their recovery by offering emotional support.

Detox Process

The Detox Process cleanses the body of any chemicals and toxins from drug and/or alcohol use. The Detox Process takes place during the withdrawal period. Clients are often in pain and suffering from uncontrollable cravings. Under the supervision of a medical Doctor the client will be offered a non-addictive prescription medication to help them relieve any pain from withdrawal as well as help control their cravings. The length of the detox process varies by each client, the main goal is to get the client sober and over the physical aspects of their addiction.

It’s time for help…

Detox Center in Orlando can offer you the help needed to successfully start your recovery and prepare you for the next step in your recovery to work through the emotional and mental aspects of recovery.