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Does United Healthcare Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?

In operation since 1977, United Healthcare has become the largest health provided in the United States.

The company offers a diversified platform of healthcare products including group policies, self-insured programs and Medicare subsidizing. United operates with several divisions and product names. Uniprise, Golden Rule and Ingenix are all brands associated with United Healthcare Group. They offer a separate division of mental health – United Behavioral Health. If you are seeking help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, insurance is a big plus.

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More About United Healthcare Insurance & Rehab Coverage

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How Health Insurance Works?

United is a managed health care system. This means they use a network of care providers to keep costs down. The network includes physicians, labs, hospitals, clinics and recovery centers. To get the most benefit out of the insurance policy, patients stay within the network. They choose from a list for every service they need. If a patient opts to go to a healthcare professional outside the network, the ratio of copayments might change.

Copayments are one way companies such as United offset some of the cost of healthcare. When going for an office visit to a primary care physician, a patient pays a copayment based on the specifics of their United coverage. For example, one policy might require a copayment of 20 dollars per office visit while another has no copayment stipulation.

The exact benefit one receives from any healthcare company depends on the policy. United, like most providers, has a wide range of products, each with its own rules and payouts. A consumer who purchases self-insured coverage may have different specifications than someone who is part of a group policy.

Does United Pay For Addiction Rehab?

The short answer is yes. United networks rehabilitation treatment center like any healthcare service. They have a list of clinics and treatment centers that are within the United Network of healthcare providers. Patients seeking rehab treatment must pick from one of their sanctioned clinicians whether planning residential, outpatient, day/night addiction counseling or aftercare.

Healthcare coverage is complicated because of the different products. Flexibility is one of the key features of United Healthcare. The company even has a separate division for behavioral health with substance abuse treatment, but not all policies offer those services. Benefits change based on treatment specifics, network options and individual coverage.

If a patient selects a center associated with United’s network, odds are there will be at least partial coverage for addiction rehabilitation. Each center will have a specialist that deals directly with United. It is critical to allow the healthcare provider to handle dealings with the insurance company. The wrong form or approval could mean denial of coverage. The in-house insurance biller will know how to work the system to get the most out of the benefits from United.

There is a reason that United Healthcare is the top service in the United States. They offer more than many providers. Staying in network is the way to ensure your bill is paid.

Have Any Questions?

If there are any question regarding United Healthcare coverage and drug/alcohol rehabilitation, contact the insurance company to get accurate and timely information. Their team of customer care representative will be glad to discuss the policy to help make the decisions easier.

Keep in mind that entering a facility within the United Healthcare network will be far less costly than one that is out-of-network.

In order for someone addicted to alcohol or drugs to overcome, there must be the proper support system in place. Rehabilitation centers along with United Healthcare gives each person a fighting chance at survival.