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Dual Diagnosis

Individuals with mental illnesses may also suffer drug abuse.
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Mental illness and drug abuse

Substance abuse can develop as a result of a person’s mental illness, and a mental illness can develop as a result of prolonged substance abuse.

Which ever the case, it is important to properly treat the individual that suffers from this dual diagnosis.

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Dangers of Mental Illnesses and Co-Occurring Drug Abuse

A Fatal Combination

Mental illness and drug abuse is a fatal combination. A mental illness is a disease of the mind. There are various types of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and eating disorders. People suffering a mental illness will experience delusional thoughts, and have irrational feelings and perceptions.

rehab center dual diagnosis

The Complications

The consumption of alcohol and/or drugs will cause a person to lose their judgment and inhibitions. A person suffering with a mental illness and substance abuse may act on a delusional thought that may risk their life, or the life of another. Getting professional treatment is necessary if the individual suffers from mental illness and co-occurring drug abuse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Needed for Proper Treatment

In order to properly treat an individual with a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and metal illness one must seek a dual diagnosis rehab center. Through detox, support groups, and aftercare services the individual copes with their mental illness and abstain from using drugs. They hire trained, experienced professionals dedicated in the field of recovery with mental illness.

rehab center drug abuse

We Have Expertise in Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Beachway Therapy Center can treat individuals with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and drug abuse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Services & Education

Some Treatable Diagnoses…

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