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Faith Based, or Christian Rehab at Beachway
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Why choose Christian Rehab?

There are several reasons an individual may want to choose Christian Rehab.  For the Christian that has backslid into addiction choosing a Christian program may be in your best interest.  Often secular treatment programs minimize the role of God and the Christian path.  This leaves the individual susceptible to confusion and doubt.  Christian families may want to send their loved ones that have not come to terms with their faith yet as well.

Choosing a Christian rehab or faith based Christian track has the potential to allow an individual and family to recover fully and to bring sustainable joy and stability to the family.  Spirituality is the foundation of recovery, Christian recovery is the basis for many recovery programs today however, they have tempered the program with the utilization of terms such as “higher power” and a “God of your understanding”.  While these may be valuable methods to assist an individual with their journey toward spirituality, a true Christian experience can not be under estimated!

The original twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Christians.  The steps are Christian principles that are Biblically based from the Book of James, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as recounted in Matthew chapter five and 1 Corinthians chapter thirteen the Love message.  These Christian principles will enable an individual to attain lifelong and joyous recovery from addictions.

Christian Drug Treatment Program Overview

“Optional Program”Relationship with God:  A client is taught about the love and forgiveness that comes from having a relationship with God and that personal healing begins through God and not self.

Prayer:  A client is provided with the chance to pray with others, taught how to pray and encouraged to commune daily with others for prayer.

Meditation:  A client is taught the differences between prayer and meditation.  The focus of prayer is to speak to God, while meditating the client focuses on listening to God speaking to them.

Bible Study:  Bible study is focused on helping the client and teaching how beneficial scriptural reading and meditation can be.  The word of God can help a client resist the temptation and allure of drugs and alcohol and help the client break the cycle of addiction.

If you are looking to recover and you are seeking a true relationship with God Christian Rehab at the Beachway Therapy Center is for you.

When you are ready, we are here for you!

"I was surprised with the treatment methods at Beachway. The housing and therapeutic programs are far from medical based. I always felt comfortable and welcome." -Jon P., Baltimore

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